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Recent projects done by our team.

A mincraft avatar

Freelancer Portfolio banner

Used in freelancing.

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Minecraft spawn

Minecraft War zone

War zones are made for pvp purpose in minecraft.

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Minecraft Logo

Cat Avatar

A fancy cat avatar for a client.

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Minecraft build

Minecraft Build

250x250 minecraft spawn

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Minecraft Logo

Minecraft Logo

Hand made logo, Beast more than $35

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We are Blocks Services driven by strong principles

Our principles are fundamental to our success.

Costumer Satisfaction

Blocks Services takes customer satisfaction very seriously.

We have a dedicated team for supporting our clients, for any problems you might face, from commission issues to after-sales service clients get fast 24/7support.

We further expand this by having support executives helping you while you order, we believe that direct support is the best way of support.

This is why we do not have any automated ordering wizard.

We're further looking to expand this by adding industry-leading voice support to our service.
Perfect for the ones who do not like typing.

Reasonable Pricing

You should not stop dreaming, however, expensive it is to design your dreams, you should not stop dreaming. You probably already know how contrasting cheap pricing and outstanding quality is, we try to make this gap smaller.

We always aim to keep our pricing reasonable, and we do everything which is possible to make it more reasonable and cheaper, and still provide you high-quality products for your new project!

We establish this by reducing our cuts, getting competitive freelancers, and saving up on several things while ensuring you get what is best for you.

Secure Environment

We believe in security and privacy, we blocks services do several checks and make sure the environment of blocks services is secure.

secure payments, clean agreements and lowest chance of chargebacks possible are what makes us stand out. we plan to maintain this for the long run.

Why us?

Why us?

The biggest question that comes to everyone's mind while considering Blocks Services or any other service team is why go for a service team where you can buy similar things for better pricing?

Well, it's actually simple! Okay, imagine this: You order from Amazon or your favorite shopping website, The convenience of millions of options and good pricing.

Now think of this: You go to your favorite showroom of shoes and the salesman helps you decide what's best for you, with that you can see them in person and talk to them like a friend, like a brother or like an elder, there definitely is a peace of mind in shopping like this.

Now, let's mix things up! What if you could order from Amazon by talking to a real person every time? Wouldn't that be great? They manage your order and you don't have anything to worry about!

Now, this is what blocks services is all about. we're a team of professional freelancers who are here to design your dreams and make it a beautiful reality.

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